Our Lawsuit

Crispin Hernandez, member leader of the Workes’ Center of Central New York reading his statement at the press conference in Albany

On May 10, 2016 we filled a lawsuit suing the NY State and Gov. Andrew Cuomo for their failure to protect farmworkers rights to organize, a right afforded to ALL workers in the NY Bill of Rights. A few hours later, Gov. Cuomo said in a statement that he agrees with us and he will not be defending the lawsuit. We are very proud of all the workers leaders, organizers, allies and advocates that are presente in this struggle. Sí se puede!

Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Regarding Rights of Farm Workers

“From nail salons to restaurants to the home health care industry, this administration has fought tirelessly to end abusive employment practices and protect the rights of employees. We have moved aggressively against employers who abuse their workers, and held bad actors accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We raised the minimum wage to restore the basic promise of economic justice, and have fought to strengthen worker protections statewide.

“Yet because of a flaw in the state labor relations act, farm workers are not afforded the right to organize without fear of retaliation – which is unacceptable, and appears to violate the New York State Constitution. I agree with the NYCLU that the exclusion of farm workers from the labor relations act is inconsistent with our constitutional principles, and my administration will not be defending the act in court. We will not tolerate the abuse or exploitation of workers in any industry. This clear and undeniable injustice must be corrected.”

Meet the courageous members of the Workers Center of CNY who are speaking up for dignity and respect.

Antonio     Crispin   Rosa

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The Workers’ Center of Central New York is a grassroots organization focused upon workplace and economic justice. Through community organizing, leadership development, popular education and policy advocacy, the Workers’ Center of Central New York aims to empower marginalized, low-wage workers to combat workplace abuses and improve wages and working conditions throughout the community.


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